Low Maths Levels in UK Shock Russian Netizens

From Ya Plakal:

I’m studying in London, in Year 10

I’m studying in London, in Year 10. I don’t think there’s any point in carrying on…

Comments from Ya Plakal:


We see this sort of thing in Year 5 or 6.
By the way, I still remember Econometrics at university


Hm… if this is true, then it’s s**t, mate… In Russia this is like Year 5 or 6?

Shushara: (responding to above)

Yeah, it’s true. I ended up studying in England for a bit. In our Y9 class, we (the Russians) sat and spat on the floor. It was the level of our Y5.


Soviet education in the 60s was recognised as the best in the world. I still can’t understand why we turned away from it.


Why should we believe this is definitely Y10?


What do you mean Year 5-6? I think my son learned this in Y4. I can’t remember about myself. And they still don’t accept our degrees?


Question 7 blew my mind. My husband didn’t understand either. Where’s 9 come from?

tigfinger: (responding to above)

They’ve decided that 34 and 54 are one and the same


My kid solves these in Year 4, I think the author has made a little mistake


Judging by the exercises, 12-year-olds study in Y10.


So what do they do up until Y10? Play with dice?


That’s why everything’s fucked there, and fantastic here!


I don’t believe it, too stupid for Y10.

tigfinger: (responding to above)

Well, for us, it’s still a bit too stupid, but it’s normal for them. If the education reform carries on as it is doing, then a couple of years from now, it’ll be normal for us too.


I’ve never studied there, but I’ve seen students’ exercise books. Yeah, seriously, what we learn in Y3-5, they learn in Y8-9. […]


We’ve got something to aim for… =))))


They have serious divisions in their intelligences. Just like we divide kids into A or B or night schools. A Y10 from a prestigious school is already hard at fucking integrals, while a second from a simple school in a poorer area gets these little puzzles.


I have a daughter in Y3 who can solve these.


This is the last question on the final exam, the hardest question. Find the length of PD.

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