Photos of Moscow’s Red Square Victory Parade


Victory Parade – 2013. Photoreport

A Ridus correspondent was at the Victory Parade on Red Square. The parade was opened by columns of the best cadets from the Guards units, the elite of the modern Russian army.

800 musicians from Moscow’s Central Military Orchestra provided the soundtrack to the parade.

A column of 101 military hardware units was made up from modern armoured vehicles produced domestically, tanks, APCs and rocket launchers that are unmatched anywhere in the world. The Topol-M rocket launcher, the main symbol of Russian military might, followed the other vehicles.

The air above the centre of the capital was filled with helicopters and planes, flown by the country’s best aces, and the pilots painted the Russian flag in the sky in multicoloured smoke in their Su-25s.

However, undoubtedly the main attraction and the pride of the events in honour of the 68th anniversary of Victory were those responsible for their creation – the veterans of World War Two who were personally congratulated by President Vladimir Putin.

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Юный слесарь:

Happy Victory Day everyone! I wish the veterans health, thank you.

Товарищ (hz700):

Good, this is the best holiday in the country! Let’s not mix it up with officiousness.


In Kazakhstan, there are 6704 veterans of WWII still alive, the youngest is 88. My grandfather passed away the year before last at 87, he had two orders of the Red Star, he fought hard. My mother’s father died in 1945 in Easter Prussia. Long live the memory of all our heroes!


Happy Victory Day everyone! Good health and a long life to the veterans!

Анатолий Струнин:

“tanks, APCs and rocket launchers that are unmatched anywhere in the world.” – God, what crap! ..


I’m tired of this medieval stuff.

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tokeru By:

Was The Crane sitting or standing to watch?

Гуся Ивановна:

The less we have to be proud of, the more grandiose our victory parades …

111 11111:

Waste of taxpayers money. Enough with the necrophilia.

Алексей Пивоваров: (responding to above)

The feats of the war heroes will never be forgotten. You on the other hand should burn in a crematorium, on taxpayers money. Even though it won’t be possible to burn you, because you’re NOTHING.

Гуся Ивановна:

Anyone who doesn’t feast and go to see the fireworks today doesn’t love Russia.

Сергей Иванов:

Have they given flats to all the veterans yet, or is it “next year” again?

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