Kazakh Woman Calls Her Newborn Son Fir Tree

From Lenta.ru:

Woman in Kazakhstan names her son Fir Tree

A resident of the town of Temir Tau, in the Karaganda Oblast of Kazakhstan has named her newborn son Fir Tree Almagul Raihan herself reported this to Interfax on Thursday, January 10th.

According to Raihan, she gave birth to a young boy during the night of December 31st – January 1st, when people celebrate the new year. Therefore, the woman decided to give her baby a name associated with the winter holiday. “My husband and I decided to name our child in honour of the main symbol of the new year celebrations [the fir tree],” the young mother said to the news agency.

Almagul Raihan expressed her opinion that her son will find it easy to live with such an unsual name, as it is “positive and good”. ” I hope that my son’s life will be easy”, said the woman.

Fir Tree is the second child in Raihan’s family – Almagul and her husband are also raising a daughter, who is one year old. The agency does not give her name, only that the girl has a traditional Kazakh name.

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Американский посудомойщик:

Are they all like that in Kazakhstan?

Неисправимый клептоман:

[…] Thank God that it’s not Electrostal like in the 20s.

[Note: During the 1920s, there were a lot of very strange names in Russia. There’s a great list here]


Poor wretch. Poor boy!!!


I don’t know about his life, but oh his childhood will not be easy.

Марципановый поросенок Анжелкин:

A note about the pronunciation. If they pronounce it differently to us, then it’ll be completely Kazakh They also have the name Skin, for example, and it doesn’t cause any problems … It sounds different to them, it’s not like it is for us.

[Note: The author changes the spelling of the word “Fir Tree” in Russian to make it more phonetically Kazakh]


The name Skin? First time I’ve heard it, even though I’m Kazakh. There is a similar word, but the first letter […] and the stress are different. So it doesn’t really sound like “Skin” at all.
But you can’t corrupt Fir Tree, it’s still Fir Tree. And everyone speaks Russian there, so … Poor boy!!!


[The word that sounds similar to “skin”] means owner, it comes from Arabic. It’s a normal name.




Naming someone in honour of something, that’s fine, but only if it’s the same gender as the child. Fir Tree is feminine, and the boy’s mum is an idiot.

[Note: In Russian, names have genders (masculine or feminine), and they are expected to be of the same gender as the person whose name it is.]


In Turkic languages [like Kazakh], they don’t have genders. Fuck knows, maybe they called him Fir Tree in Kazakh – i e: “shyrsha”


If it’s true that there are no genders, and the name won’t sound awful, then it’s okay.

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