Putin and Medvedev Go to Church with One Wife between them

From Stanislav Sadalskiy’s LiveJournal:

Vladimir Putin without his wife and Dmitry Medvedev with his

At the entrance to the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, United Russia membership cards were being checked, including the priests’ and the Cathedral’s security. The holiday gathering took place to the sound of bells. Before, at least our ‘first lady’ would appear for Easter. Now, that’s been cancelled too. Putin met Medvedev and his wife for the resurrection of Christ and probably broke the fast afterwards, along with 5,000 in the congregation at the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour.

Maybe the two of them have just the one wife?

Comments from Stanislav Sadalskiy’s LiveJournal:


Maybe she was ill …


That’s a pretty harsh guess))) but very original)))

sadalskij: (responding to above)

What do you think?


Medvedev‘s wife is beautiful. Happy Easter everyone!


His wife’s with his double and she doesn’t go to church.


There are two possibilities: his wife has finally told him to f*** off, or he’s changed his orientation) Judging by his entourage, I’d say the second is more likely))


These crooks have desecrated the church by coming, my feelings as a believe are insulted ( The Constituational Court look at that sort of thing, do you think I’ve got a case?

sasha_sas: (responding to above)

Of course. We’ll defend you in court :)))


You surprise me, citizens! ))) Where are your wives?


Medvedev has different coloured ties on in the two photos …


He’s been going to church events for a few years now without his wife. There are many theories as to why.


It’s a photoshop. There’s a space between the two men on the photo … why have they taken the woman out?


They say that Putin‘s wife is in the mad house. I don’t know how true it is, but with a husband like that …

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