Russian Dashcam Compilation Video Moves Netizens to Tears

From YouTube:

Good people

Anything you do without seeking to profit could become the kindest thing.

Do something good!

Positive compilation of Russian dash cams. Tired of all the brutal dash cam videos? Here are positive for a change. Stay safe!

[Note: The original author has translated the video description and the text in the video using YouTube’s captioning service.]

Comments from YouTube:

Olesya Lesya:

I watched this video and cried. Being kind is very hard in our world, not everyone is capable of it. Thank God that there are still people like this!


There is a lot of good in life after all! The film is worth a lot of praise, but the main people in it deserve a standing ovation! It’s nice to recognise that any living being in this world is priceless and needs to be looked after.

Хъюго Грант:

Maybe there’d be more people like this if they showed videos like this on TV instead of a few adverts.

Антон Чубатов:

Tears are falling down my face, I’ve forgotten the last time I cried. Maybe we’re not without hope.

Serj Brutyan:

Do good, and in the next life you’ll be repaid.

Меркурий Марсов:

Decent humane feelings and actions. It’s a shame that it doesn’t happen often. Are we so cowed by a few frostbitten fuckheads that we can’t show them freely?

Uldis Šmits:

It’s a long time since I’ve felt such kindness and love! Great video!!!

Александр Смирнов:

Respect to the utmost to the author! Touched me to tears! People, don’t be indifferent!!!

Евгения Беда:

Helping people isn’t too difficult, the main thing is not being indifferent!!

Дмитрий Захарченко:

Clear confirmation that with a little participation and a minimum of effort, you can solve someone’s problem, improve another person’s life, and perhaps even help avoid harm.


Not that long ago, helping those around you was normal. I lived in such a country. And it was called the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.


This video is much more worthy of being in the top charts than Gangnam Style


At 2.21 did the guy simply pick up the back of a Zhiguli [car]??? oO or does it just look that way to me?

Артём Б.:

Thank you! It’s restored my faith in humanity.

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