Putin’s Latest Photosession Fuels Rumours on the Runet

From Drugoi’s LiveJournal:

Putin and his dogs

Today, the Kremlin’s press service has suddenly posted photographs of Putin walking in the Moscow region on March the 24th with his dogs: Bulgarian shepherd Buffy and Yume, a Japanesse Akito Inu.

Comments from Drugoi’s LiveJournal:


Those eyes look so kind …

tipok2: (responding to above)

Yeah, the dogs’


Is his hat made out of his previous dog?


I thought Putin had always had a yellow gold wedding ring, but here, it’s white gold. Or am I getting mixed up?

vitalevna: (responding to above)

He had a wife before, he doesn’t now.

[Note: Putin’s wife is appearing less and less frequently at public engagements, leading to popular rumours that the couple have in fact split, but are maintaining the appearance of a married couple for political reasons]


Master poser

Denis Frolov:

Which of these three are dogs, and which is Putin?

worldbubble: (responding to above)

We’ll do a DNA test to find out


Is his hat made from Connie?

[Note: Putin has a 13 year old dog called Connie, notably absent from these photos, although the president’s press secretary has announced that she has not died as a result of netizen speculation]


Adolf loved Blondie too.


He looks human …


Political prostitute!


Have they photoshopped him or has he had plastic surgery?


Putin fucks dogs FUCK PUTIN


Now I understand why Putin doesn’t need a wife)))

He’s got bitches


Is he trying once again to prove to the public that at least dogs love him?


Or he just loves dogs))

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