Alexei Navalny Suggests An “Against All” Option on Ballots

From Echo Moskvy:

Bring back the “Against All” option on voting slips first of all to hit out at the party system, including United Russia

Bringing back the “Against All” option on voting slips first of all will hit out at the party system, including United Russia, Just Russia, and the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. That was the opinion of the blogger and social activist Alexei Navalny live on Echo Moskvy.

“In terms of our sociology, we see that an “against all” options would hit the party system, the communists, Fair Russia and United Russia. Because it seems to me that they’re all too clever. If we have an “against all” option, it’ll go in our favour, more than likely”, he said.

On the 25th September, the representative of the Federal Council Valentina Matvienko suggested to senators that they re-think the inclusion of the “against all” option on polling cards.

Comments from Echo Moskvy:


Now we’re just waiting for a flood of Putin‘s lapdogs, protecting the power of the thieves.


We need an option against the party of thieves and crooks [United Russia]


Churov’s guys can find a way to get as many votes as they need under any circumstances.


As soon as they bring this option back, I’ll definitely go out and vote against them all!


When this option did exist, under Yeltsin the alcoholic, I always voted this way, I couldn’t see any alternatives, so I bravely put “AGAINST ALL!!!”


No elections! Only boycotts!


If it hits United Russia, will the criminal go away to London?


They’re better off bringing in the option, “on trial”.


Sorry, who’s this Navalny???


Except this option should be “Against all”, not “FOR ALL”, as it turned out previously.


The crooks will calculate this all carefully before introducing the option.

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