A Cat Named Navalny Is Stolen and Held for Ransom in Moscow

From Lenta.ru:

A Moscow resident’s cat is stolen and held for ransom

Tatiana Ochinskaya posted about the incident on her Facebook.

Muscovite Tatiana Ochinska reported on her Facebook page that her cat had been kidnapped and was being held for ransom.

According to current information, the cat went missing about a week ago while out in the courtyard of the building where Ms Ochinskaya lives. On the ‘Missing Cat’ poster, the cat was shown to be wearing a collar with a sticker in support of Alexei Navalny, a candidate for the recent Moscow mayoral elections. The cat’s name was ‘Navalny’ until the end of the mayoral elections, after which it was renamed ‘Lisenka.’ Whether the kidnapping is linked with the sticker on the collar is unknown.

After the cat had gone missing, a woman who found contact details on the cat’s collar, rang the cat’s owner, Tatiana, and demanded a ransom (Tatiana traced the phone call and found that the phone was registered to Tatiana Vladimirovna Dolinova.) The malicious abductor agreed to return the cat in exchange for five thousand roubles [£100, 115€.] She was ordered to send the money to a “Russian Standard” bank account.

While Ms Ochinskaya was negotiating with the thief, she also contacted the police. According to her, the law enforcement agencies have responded ‘sluggishly’ to her statement. Comments on her Facebook wall advised her to say that the cat was wearing expensive jewellery in a bid to speed up the search process.

However so far the cat hasn’t been rescued. On 17th September the malevolent thief sent Tatiana a photo with proof that the animal is still alive. The picture shows the cat and in the background a laptop with a page open showing the time and date in Moscow.

Comments from Lenta.ru:

Vladimir Korolevskiy:

The poor animal … =

Bang Bang: (responding to above)

Navalny isn’t worth 5k.
He’s worth 5 years in prison.

С Д: (responding to above)

If he’s a good boy, he will be let out early :)

Denis Antonov:

Some people are freaks, huh?

Тупое Быдло: (responding to above)

I agree.
Navalny is a proper freak.

roman kmi:

… “Russia Standard” …

Иванов Иван:

Navalny kidnapped!!! Scandal and mystery…

Пиу Пиу:

Return Lisenka!

Тупое Быдло: (responding to above)

Now I get it!
Navalny is a cat!

Don Tigro: (responding to above)

If not Putin, then cat! [Note: There is a well-known Russian political slogan ‘If not Putin, then who?’ The Russian words for ‘who’ (кто) and ‘cat’ (кот) are very similar.]

Antibot Version 2.0:

If a cat named Putin were kidnapped, how much would the ransom be?

Alexander Set: (responding to above)

It would be elected as a Senator.

Тупое Быдло:

In 1991 I saw a hat made of cat skin in the ‘Belarus’ department store in Minsk.


My cat is called ‘Communist.’ If all of a sudden, Lenta.ru began energetically promoting the Communist Party does that mean that my cat is in danger of being stolen? Can I rename it out of harm’s way?



злой Йожик:

Catnapping should carry 20 years of hard labour.

Эдуард Войхтмахт:

All the kittens have been stolen – Putin is to blame.

Chelya: (responding to above)

Along with Navalny :)

Сергей Ковалев:

Free Navalny!

Katons katonsovich:


Дмитрий Аксаков:

That’s who Putin drew on the board.

Андрей Белоусов:

Cats find it difficult to return home, even if it ran away [itself].
There are too many cars and too much noise in the city …
To deprive a cat of it’s home is inhumane, it’s very stressful for the animal and only non-humans would treat a cat in this way!
Return the cat immediately!

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