Anti-Sex Protest in St. Petersburg Raises Eyebrows

From Nikitskij’s LiveJournal:

A picket against sex and masturbation took place in St. Petersburg

Left to right:
“We are against masturbation”, “Sex is only for procreation”, “I am against oral and anal sex”

I never thought I’d live to see the day when pickets “against debauchery” started. While the rest of us were celebrating the 8th of March, in the cultural capital, a protest against sex and masturbation was being held.

Three girls with placards came to a building housing a large erotic goods boutique and a museum of “adult toys”. The picketers showed off the slogans “We’re against masturbation”, “Sex is only for procreation”, and “We are against oral and anal sex” [sic].

The picketers said to representatives of the sex shop that the shop should be closed, because the industry of self-gratification and sex life diversification is against their Christian values.

Bloggers are probably against pickets like this-)

UPDATE: Some people have got creative:

Left to right: "We're against masturbation", "Sex is only for procreation", "I am against oral and anal sex! Only classic! 50 roubles/hour [£1.10, 1.25€]

Left to right: "We're against masturbation", "Sex is only for procreation", "I am against oral and anal sex! Only classic! 50 roubles/hour [£1.10, 1.25€]

Comments from Nikitskij’s LiveJournal:


No sex in Putinstan!


I’m for pickets like this – every moron and religious fanatic has the right to peacefully say any old crap.

m_arch: (responding to above)

Very tolerant of you.)


Looks like the “Anti-moron” picket.


On the one hand, it’s freedom of speech, but on the other, it’s absolute crap. What revenge is this going to cause, sex lovers going out and picketing churches with placards??? Absolute crap.


Stupid girls.
They’ve hardly come up with this themselves.

nikitskij: (responding to above)

What, you think they’ve got a leader?


I agree, apart from the placard in the middle.
It’s all true.
Fucking in the arse, and sucking is a sin!
And everyone who does it will burn in Hell!!!
I’m against the one in the middle, because if you’re only doing it to have children, you’ll not have sex very often …


The one on the left is clearly not in any danger of having sex. Not even for procreation.

nikitskij: (responding to above)

How would you rate her chances of masturbation?-)


Those idiots have gone completely mad.


Why haven’t the cops split them up? Or is this an authorised protest?


I agree! That’s it, I’m not going to wank any more!


These girls have clearly never read the Bible, if they think that “sex is only for procreation” is a Christian value.


They’re against, but I’m FOR


The girl on the right is pretty. I would.

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