Corruption in Russia Still Rampant, Says New Survey


Russia ranked 127th in Corruptions Perceptions Index

Russia rose six places from last year in the corruption survey.

Transparency International, an international non-profit organisation, has published their annual “Corruption Perceptions Index.” This year Russia has been placed 127th out of 177 countries. In the 2012 ranking, the Russian Federation was placed 133rd out of 176. In 2012 as in 2013, Russia received the same number of positive points: 28 out of 100.

Denmark and New Zealand have been revealed to be the ‘cleanest’ countries in terms of corruption, scoring 91 points out of a possible 100. In third place was Finland with 89 points. The top ten also included Sweden, Norway, Singapore, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Austria and Canada.

The most corrupt countries according to the Index were Somalia, North Korea and Afghanistan, which scored 8 points each. Also at the bottom of the list were Syria, Libya, Haiti, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

According to the ratings, almost 70% of countries have “serious problems” with corruption. Moreover none of the countries scored 100 points in this year’s study.

Calculating the index takes into account the various forms of corrupt practices, including bribing officials, officials involved in the distribution of profits from the performance of public contracts, and the misuse of public funds. It also takes into consideration the government’s anti-corruption activities. Data was collected through questionnaires and expert interviews.

Transparency International’s “Corruption Perceptions Index” has been published every year since 1995. Meanwhile, the number of countries included in the ranking and the methodology of the survey change from year to year.

Comments from

Культ Навального:

I wonder who these clowns interviewed in the DPRK (North Korea)?

Сергей Ляхов:

Fighting corruption is like tilting at windmills. Corruption in humans is genetic and it’s no less natural than sleep or hunger.

Сантехник Иванович: (responding to above)

Are you drunk on acetone or something?

Awesome: (also responding to previous commenter)

Tell it to Finland, Norway, Denmark and Iceland.

Сантехник Иванович:

Corrolympics 2014! Sochi Jokelympics 2014!

Разведка Науру:

Why is Saudi Arabia not in last place? The Royal family controls all the income over there.


Don’t worry! In the 20 years under our wise president’s leadership we’ve overtaken Pakistan and Mali, maybe even the Gambia!

Тупое Быдло:

In the USA there is no corruption! And in Germany! And in Finland!

Нету Нетути: (responding to above)

They have civilised lobbying there.

Sadiq Serikov:

Russophobes came up with these ratings

Дмитрий Иванов:

We still have so much to strive for. Catch up and over take Afghanistan and Somalia!

Юрий Рудометов:

Who are the judges [of this Index]??? Euroyanks under orders from the Americans!! That’s their fate!!! Gotta make their money!!!

izja uuu: (responding to above)

It’s all just Jews in power over there too.

Иван Петров:

C’mon, this is a bit modest. Russia is the corruption world champion. Simple. What is considered a bribe in the rest of the world, is considered a gift of gratitude in Russia.

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