Putin Condemns Ukraine Riots for First Time

From Echo Moskvy:

Vladimir Putin comments on events in the Ukraine for the first time since they began

During a visit to Armenia, Putin called events in the republic an internal political process, and an attempt by the opposition to topple the current legitimate government. Putin also said that events in Kiev have been planned from outside, and were originally planned for the presidential elections of 2015. Talking about the Ukrainian oppositions actions, Putin said that either they are not in control, or they are just a front for extremism. Putin expressed the hope that the situation in the Ukraine will settle down, and Russia will respect the choices of the Ukrainian people.

Comments from Echo Moskvy:


It would have been better if he’d kept quiet, as usual.


Only Putin and Merkel have money for little brother Ukraine…


Once upon a time in 1993, Yeltsin took and shot at parliament from tanks in the name of democracy. So, if Yanukovich just orders these hooligans dispersed with truncheons and tear gas he will be much more humane than that “democrat” and “humanist” Yeltsin.




Ahah, current. Ahah, legitimate…


Either Putin‘s talking out of place, or he’s a very interested party


He needs to shut up about legitimacy! His own, and that of his Ukrainian stooge.


Something’s not been right with his head for a long time now… you can see it on his face…


I’m not really surprised…


I didn’t expect him to say anything so stupid…


Vladimir Putin is the worthy president of a great country


We should all kneel before Putin and lick his arse.

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