Netizens Go Mad for Video Parody of FPS Games

From YouTube:

The story about how quiet and calm game comes the end when you unlock a new achievement.
I provided subtitles for you! I will be happy for your comments, thumbs up and sharing. Without you create interesting content is not possible :)

[Note: the subtitles and description are the author’s own translations]

Comments from YouTube:


I loved the video! I’ve watched it a few times already.



Alice Jukova:

Why is there a cat in the fridge?

андрей шипицын: (responding to above)

It’s Korean cuisine. I’m joking, it wanted some sausage or a bit of fish.

Алексей Матерновский:


Серж Хзм:

Fucking brilliant comrade

Александр Мосеев:

Mate, this is exactly how it should have been! The idea and the quality editing!

Oscar Copi:

A rare piece of Russian content that doesn’t contain swearing or vulgarity. Don’t give it up, I beg you.

Denis Ergoz:

Just brilliant, if only there were more content like this on the Runet! If there are more original videos like this, then you’ve got my subscription guaranteed:)

Штинов Анатолий:

Double kill, absolutely hilarious :D

Winchester Zloy:

This is a masterpiece!


Class ))) successful viral video

Денис Мельников:

Poor eggs, but brilliant)


Videos like this deserve a billion views)) Unbelievable quality and humour)

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