Netizens Discuss as Putin Meets Pope Francis

From Echo Moskvy:

Vladimir Putin heads to Italy today

In particular he will visit the Vatican. At 20.00 Moscow time, Putin will have his first meeting with the new Pope, Francis. According to Itar-Tass’s Rome correspondent Aleksey Bukalov, this meeting is considered very important in the Vatican.

Syria will be on the agenda during Putin‘s meeting with Francis, it is expected. The European press are writing lots about the Russian president’s visit to the Vatican.

Incidentally, in Serbia, building has begun on the over land part of the South Stream pipeline. It will become an important milestone in relations between the two countries, according to Gazprom’s chairman Aleksey Miller

The next country through whose territory the pipeline will run is Hungary.

Comments from Echo Moskvy:


Where there’s Putin, there’s success.

arye_02: (responding to above)

And where there are no Putinites, there are Mercedeses, Lexuses, and Rolls Royces.

valentvern: (responding to above)

There are plenty of those in Russia now. They don’t surprise anyone any more.


It looks like the Vatican also want to join the Customs Union!

dosenoffner: (responding to first commenter)

We’ll die for Moscow comrade! The enemy will never pass! Forward Russia!


our president solves the world’s problems, and the ground even shakes in Italy with each of his footsteps.

artur3237: (responding to above)

How delightful!


The alpha crane is off to warmer climes


The Russian and Roman popes. Peace, friendship, tandem!


The galley slave is off to confess his sins!

[Note: Putin once infamously referred to himself as “like a galley slave” because of how hard he works for Russia.]

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