Move To Ban Public Urination Meets Scepticism From Netizens

From Echo Moskvy:

You may be arrested for urinating in the wrong place

In the State Duma, a bill to this effect has been introduced. If it is passed, then tending to natural needs in the street, in courtyards or in building entrances will be punishable by administrative arrest for a period of 15 days or a fine. Rossiskaya Gazeta write about this today. The breach of order will be considered as disorderly conduct.

Advocates point out that the problem cannot be resolved only by punishment, but the development of a network of public toilets is also necessary.

Comments from Echo Moskvy:


Idiots can only give birth to idiotic bills!!!

dtgc: (responding to above)

You clearly don’t piss in doorways and lifts.


That which is natural is not disgusting.


The cost of public toilets will grow exponentially.


And what about out little friends – cats and dogs? Or will they be arrested too?


It’s good being a cat or a dog. I can piss where I want, I can poo where I want. [Note: A well known Russian rhyme.]


Is the first thought of an MP in the morning what else can we ban?


At the beach, you can just put everyone coming out of the water straight into handcuffs :)


Pampers are going to get a lot more expensive. What if I went for a walk with a young child and he wanted to piss? If I put the kid under a bush, would he spend 15 days in a cell? We need to break up the State Duma and choose a new one with an age limit of 60. Otherwise these “farts” won’t have anything else to dream up. The older you get, the more stupid you become.

stebliev46: (replying to above)

Young fools are very active, and so much more dangerous than old ones.


I don’t understand. What are they going to do with children? Send them to concentration camps? You can’t tell a child that they have to wait another half a kilometre.

sokolowa: (responding to above)

As well as children, there are also old people, people with diseased kidneys, pregnant women who also can’t wait.


For the last 30-40 years, these things have fallen under the article on “disorderly conduct”. Only 15 days wasn’t written, it was dealt with by a fine. Nothing new from the State Duma.

What do you think? Should the punishment be harsher? Or should we not natural bodily functions?

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