New Law Bans Abortion Ads and “Folk Medicine”

From Odnako:

Putin signed a law banning abortion ads

Abortion is murder

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed a law, which, in particular, bans abortion advertisements, and so-called healing, and also regulates a number of other issues in the field of healthcare.

The document “On amending certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation and annulment of certain provisions of legislative acts of the Russian Federation on health protection of citizens in the Russian Federation” was passed by the State Duma on November 15, 2013 and approved by the Federation Council on November 20th.

The law tightens requirements for advertisements for folk medicine and bans the distribution of promotional sample drugs containing narcotic and psychotropic substances.

The Code of the Russian Federation on Administrative Offenses establishes the penalty for illegal practicing of folk medicine – a fine of two to four thousand rubles [£37-74, 45-90€].  Violation of established rules in the field of medical products entails a two to four thousand ruble fine for citizens, five to ten thousand rubles for officials [£90-180, 110-220€], and from 30 to 50 thousand rubles for legal entities. [£555-930, 670-1110€]

The idea of a legislative ban on advertisements for abortion has repeatedly come up.  In September 2004, the State Duma already considered the matter, but rejected a similar bill.  The idea of banning advertisements for abortion in mass media was supported by only twelve deputies, with 135 opposed.

Comments from Odnako:

Александр Муталенко:

“In September 2004, the State Duma already considered the matter, but rejected a similar bill.  The idea of banning advertisements for abortion in mass media was supported by all of twelve deputies, with 135 opposed.”

Publish the list of the 135 deputies and abort them.

Though these legal changes may seem to be small steps, “the first step is the hardest”.  We should ban it fully, with legal sanctions for violating the law.

Милосердие: (responding to above)

All the same, it will still be medically necessary.

Дмитрий Шведов:

Stop stop stop, friends, there’s something I didn’t understand in the article.  Please explain:

  1. Do we really have abortion advertisements? As far as I see, it’s the other way around, it’s agitation against abortion.
  2. And now the most important – the ban on the practice of folk medicine.  So what, if I have an indisposition (I caught a cold, for example), and having not gone to a doctor, treat myself with tea and honey, or prophylaxis with garlic, then I would have to pay four thousand rubles for this? I go to the doctor only for dental treatment or anything more serious than an ordinary cold.


I have never seen an ad for abortion.  Where can I see one?  It’s also strange in general to lump together abortion and folk medicine, it sounds like cosmonauts and cyclists.  Is a definition for “folk medicine” given? Is acupuncture included in this? Or any sort of homeopathy?  It’s necessary to ban the distribution of medicine for commercial gain in general, because these trade representatives in medical institutions are real pains in the neck.

Владимир Троицкий: (in response to first comment)

If a woman is raped and she becomes pregnant, then she should be forced to give birth? What if she could die from the birth, should she be forced to give birth?

Александр Михайловский: (responding to above)

Why is it the child’s fault that the woman was raped? The rapist, not the child, should carry the responsibility.

Regarding medical reasons, with today’s level of medical development, the only factor would be an ectopic pregnancy.

кошка шрёдингера:

Children are those who have been born. An embryo is not a child.  This is a fact. Secondly, sterilization can have negative health consequences.  What’s more, they only allow it if the woman has already had children and after a certain age.

Sceptik: (responding to above)

You shouldn’t substitute your own wishes for strict science
But philosophers are quite cunning in their justifications. :)


A ban on ads of “healing” has long been needed. Sometimes even doctors advise you to go to either a psychic or church (both are useless from the point of view of serious medicine)

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