Putin Addresses The Nation, Experts and Netizens React

From Ridus.ru:

Experts on the President’s Address: “Putin’s Triad”

Political scientists have picked out the three main blocs of Vladimir Putin’s address to the Federal Assembly: conservative morality, liberal economy, and active social politics.

On December 12 Russian President Vladimir Putin came out with his annual address to the Federal Assembly where he outlined the basic landmarks of our country’s upcoming development. Deputies of the State Duma, members of the Federation Council and government, heads of regions, representatives of the judiciary, and also delegates from small political parties and heads of the leading media heeded the words of the president.

At the request of Ridus editorship, expert political scientists have commented on the message of the head of state, picking out the most important, as they see it, formative ones.

In the opinion of the director of the National Energy Security Fund Konstantin Simonov, Vladimir Putin returned to the tone of his second presidential term’s addresses in much of his speech.

The head of the NESF notes that the head of state’s previous message was “post-electoral” and in it the president had to respond to the recent elections themselves and to the aftertaste of the campaigns. “Now Vladimir Putin underlines: the Russian political system has returned to a normal state. We fulfilled what was demanded from the state – we brought back the gubernatorial elections, we’re leading a dialogue with the opposition – and everything’s been normalized,” noted Simonov. “Now everyone who wants to is participating in the political process.”

The expert also noted that some thoughts from the head of state’s last speech trickled over into the current address. “The ‘hit’ of last year became ‘spiritual bonds’, which dispersed to citations and became a ‘shield’ for the presidential course’s supporters,” recalls Simonov. “Today the head of state confirmed his dedication to previously stated principles. In addition, the stated order is substantially wider than just the Russian scale. Bearing in mind the latest changes, Vladimir Putin can claim to be the integrator of all conservatively-disposed people displeased by going too far with excessive liberalism in Western countries.”

Simonov also noted that big blocs of the message were dedicated to the questions of the economy and social sphere. “Today ‘Vladimir Putin’s triad’ can be talked about – it’s a conservative morality, liberal economics, and active social politics,” he said.

As the secondary dean of the department of applied political science of the HSE Leonid Polyakov notes, the president’s message came out as a matter of fact clear and concise and was a description of the parameters of the country’s national development.

Russia’s development “from the bottom up” was the first bloc that Vladimir Putin dedicated attention to: “It’s a question of local self-administration, on which level staff are learning, primary elections are happening, and a concurrent medium is being created for the political process.”

Speaking of the economic bloc, Polyakov considers what the president acknowledged important: not only external, but also internal reasons influence the slowing down of economic growth, among which, in part, is the incapability to use available reserves as they ought to be used.

Separately the president touched upon the situation with deoffshorization. “Vladimir Putin proposes three concrete steps: make offshore companies pay taxes by Russian standards, take away their state benefits, and disconnect them from state resources,” said the political scientist. “The flow of money out of the country will be stopped, money should work within the country.”

Among other themes that Vladimir Putin spoke about, the expert pointed out Eurasian integration, military capabilities, and the development of Armed Forces, and also perfection and progression to a new level in the social sphere – health care and education. “The problem of human capital has both economic and political aspects,” said Leonid Polyakov. “We’ll fall behind in the tempo of labor productivity growth by a multiple of two or three, economic increase is impossible without corresponding labor resources. Without development, and improvement of human capital, we won’t be able to purse independent foreign policy and be a strong force.”

The Mayor of Rostov Mikhail Chernyshev in a conversation with a Ridus correspondent called Vladimir Putin’s speech “very powerful”. The bureaucrat considers it telling that one of the main problems that the president gave his attention to was the question of local self-administration.

“We recently had a gathering where we also discussed the same problem,” said Chernyshev. “Today we definitely have a big problem with the redistribution of authority between levels of government, and we know that this has been noticed. We remember a time when a neighborhood group actively participated in politics; now it’s falling out, but this message is current and will be resolved soon.”

In the words of Mikhail Chernyshev, much work lies ahead at the level of local self-administration, especially the part on civil society. “The question of interaction with society is very important,” notes Chernyshev. “The state always should know the reaction of the population, and that’s why the formation of social councils and the completion of social control should be welcomed at the very least.”

Comments from Ridus.ru:


“integrator of all conservatively-disposed people” – you mean the bastion of reaction and obscurantism

asinch: (responding to above)

Everyone here knows what you consider “progress”. We don’t need “progress” like that. Neither do most people on planet Earth.

[Note: coyoteOdin is a regular commenter known for his liberal stance, particularly on sexuality]

Dobrusha: (responding to above)

With these idiots, “progress” is gays, lesbians, the understanding of freedom as free from punishment, and most of all, a computer, in order to beat madly away on the keyboard, pouring acid on Putin.

Polzovatel zoblokirovan: (responding to above)

We’ve long ago understood that poison doesn’t work on him, a scorpion can’t kill itself, you need to know this […]

Taraskin Kolya: (responding to above)

I see the kikeZ have come to life. they don’t like the ideology of conservatiZm. oh they don’t like it. ))


Just more demagogy and lies… You can’t expect any more from a midget..

asinch: (responding to above)

And where did you see this?

Antokha22: (responding to above)

All 13 years have been nothing but demagogy and lies…

Show Must Go On: (responding to above)

… it’s already 14 years.


And why is this Konstantin Simonov, only known on Ridus, suddenly an expert?

Frol: (responding to above)

At Ridus anyone whom they ask gets the prefix “expert”. It sounds nicer. Like giving weight to the article. Ridus doesn’t care about giving its readers the wrong impression.

Show Must Go On: (responding to above)

They should have asked Lidia Arkadievna. She’s definitely an expert. Navalny himself calls her that.

Polzovatel zablokirovan: (responding to above)

Actually yeah, she’s a good expert. Ridus in general needs to ask her to write articles, the two of them with Kalashnikovs they’ll climb Putin’s journalism to unattained heights.

Maclen0k: (responding to above)

//Navalny himself//

Savely Skotenkov:

The caption under the photo:
Young mom turned her baby with his back to the tube so he doesn’t get kissed on the tummy.

[Note: this is in reference to an incident where Putin picked up a young child and kissed him on the stomach]

Niko Griby Belik:

Nice pic.
Vladimir Putin is actually a true Leader of the Nation.

ILJIN: (responding to above)

For the aliens as soon as they approach – TAKE HIM and the sooner the better!!

Show Must Go On: (responding to above)

The aliens are having software problems. It happens.


The people don’t believe him and the further he goes, the more they don’t. For the deputies and other ass-kissers it flies in one ear and out the other. He raised their salary so that at least they’d listen to him – shame on Putin, shame on him. Half of the people in Russia generally don’t understand what they’re doing there.

+7 Yuganets: (responding to above)

The Yank people definitely don’t believe theirs. Only how do the Yanks know what the Russian people are thinking?


What really surprised me is that in the address it was stated that from 2015 there will be an annual screening of children and the adult population once every three years.
All this was already said by Veronika Skortsova [Note: Health Minister] in September 2012 at a videoconference with citizens and has been functioning since 2013.

maclen0k: (responding to above)

You’re giving us a five year plan for three years!


“Rostov Mayor Mikhail Chernyshev in a conversation with a Ridus correspondent called Vladimir Putin’s speech ‘very powerful’.”
You want to stay mayor – you won’t mess up by saying anything else.

Niko Griby Belik:

The leader of a state, moreso one like Russia, should think globally.
They should understand how Russia’s state organism functions. Furthermore they should see clearly all internal threats, all horrid, infected beings.
And Vladimir Putin is exactly that. He as the true Leader of the Nation takes the pulse of the state organism and shows concern about it. We have been convinced of this yet again.


It’s completely obvious that behind his words there will be no concrete consequences, all this address is “smoke and mirrors” and nothing more. In conditions of economic crisis all the weight will be shifted from him onto the shoulders of the simple people, which is true for all spheres of life for simple people.

+7 Yuganets:

Peeps, let’s not use the word “people” for our pointlessness. Have the courage to speak only from your name. If even just a PART of the Russia people delegated you here, be so kind as to give us the mandate. The anti-Russian elements of this club shock me most of all.

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