Putin More Popular than Obama in US, Says Survey

From Ridus.ru:

Putin more popular than Obama in the US

Vladimir Putin has become the most popular politician in the USA in the light of his handling of the Syria crisis involving chemical weapons. According to data from the sociological service YouGov, 29 percent of Americans surveyed said the Russian president’s actions were the most effective. The head of the White House Barack Obama only received 25% positive responses.

Another 9% thought that the Syrian president Bashar Assad conducted himself best in this situation. After him came the General Secretary of the UN, Ban Ki-moon, with 7%, and the British premier David Cameron with 6%. The French president Francois Hollande got only 4% of the vote.

Obama’s wishes to use military force in Syria also did not chime well with the hearts of most Americans. 50% of Americans were against military action, while 26% supported their leader’s militant rhetoric. However, only 6% expressed “strong support” for Obama’s plans. Another 16 percent had not yet decided.

54% of those asked saw Obama’s actions with regard to the Syria conflict negatively, while 30% supported him, the study says.

Comments from Ridus.ru:


The headline is wicked :)


Putin‘s great)). He could get voted in in the States))


That’d be great, let him go there and ruin the states. And drag his thieves and crookes with him.


Then let them come and get him!


If they swapped jobs for a year, we’d see what came of this.

И никак иначе:

Well let them vote him in as their president then.


You know, you shouldn’t believe a word of this news


Time to hang the idiots


Can you please specify which particular Putin “has become the most popular politician in the USA”? It turns out we’ve got a few of them, at least three!

[Note: there is a conspiracy theory that Putin is played by a group of men who all look the same]


Soon, Putin will even be elected in the US, clear as day.

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