Sasha Grey to Come to Russia for Car Rally


Sasha Grey invited to a car rally in Russia

Model, musician, actress and former pornstar Sasha Grey will be coming to Russia to take part in a car rally across the country at the invitation of the automotive site Grey herself wrote this on her Twitter account.

Judging by remarks published on the site, the organisers were not counting on too much success when they made the offer to Grey. They explained immediately that the rally would take place in a Lada Kalina, and promised to teach the former porn actress to cook pelmeni.

A Lada Kalina

A Lada Kalina

The organisers were ‘very surprised’ when Grey responded in the affirmative. ‘Cooking and racing. Two of my favourite things! I agree [to come]’, she wrote.

The car rally that Sasha Grey will take part in will take place in May 2013. As one of the organisers of the event told RIA Novosti, Grey will come to Vladivostok, and then visit Khabarovsk, Irkutsk, Novosibirsk, Ekaterinburg, Sochi, Krasnodar, and Moscow. During the event, she will be acting as a navigator.

Sasha Grey officially announced the end of her porn acting career in April 2011. Before that moment, she had already managed to find work in mainstream cinema. For example, in 2009, she acted in Steven Soderbergh’s drama ‘The Girlfriend Experience’. Grey also plays industrial music as part of the aTelecine group.

Comments from

b d:

I’m interested. Is she planning on giving … autographs?

Андрей Копылов: (responding to above)

Yeah, I’d take her autograph

Арстанбек Естебесов: (responding to above)

Or give?

b d: (responding to above)

He loves taking it, why are you being like that with him?

Сергей Ковалев:

I’m prepared to teach Sasha to cook borscht.

Вячеслав Сосницкий: (responding to above)

Well, I’m prepared to teach her a few other things …

Yuriy Solovyob: (responding to above)

Who’ll be teaching who?


‘Cooking and racing. Two of my favourite things! I agree [to come]’ – LOL :)

Vladimir Os:

The goddess of all the internet masturbators is coming to Russia :-D


This news has made my day.

Leonid Ivashentsev:

All of her cylinders work!

Хамло Трамвайное:

What’s the difference between a Lada Kalina and Sasha Grey? A Kalina only fits 5.

Юлия Иванова:

I don’t understand all this worshipping someone of a dubious character (and that’s putting it mildly)

Serghei: (responding to above)

Oui madam, naturally you don’t understand :) [Note: this is a meme based on the film adaptation of The Master & Margarita by Bulgakov]

What do you think? Should Sasha Grey be welcomed with open arms or turned away at the border?

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