Two Thirds of Russians Support Introducing School Uniform

From Echo Moskvy:

Two thirds of Russians – 66% – support the introduction of school uniform

Last year, the number was 77%. This was revealed in a survey undertaken by VTSIOM. The main argument of those supporting school uniform is that it will protect social equality among pupils. The supporters of school uniform also believe that it disciplines and creates a good working environment. The number against remains as before, 17%. They are more likely to refer to wasteful spending.

Comments from Echo Moskvy:


Those against it would be the schoolkids themselves, but who’s going to ask them?


It would appear to me that social equality needs to be achieved by other means. Not school uniform.


They need to ask parents, not old farts, nostalgic for their childhood uniform.


Where are the trolls? You can’t all agree with the law? Have you forgotten, you should be against everything! Where are the malicious comments about violating students’ rights?


A craving for slavery from childhood


I will never support this.


The country wants to march in time


I’m one of the 17 percent. Nobody’s stopping those who want to wear school uniform from wearing it. I think you need to ask school children. Starting at age 10. What do they think? And ask the school children about discipline too.


The authorities aren’t able to introduce a school uniform, it’s just talk. Next year, it’ll all come to naught, because a big fat nothing will get passed this year.


Children are children – they grow quickly, stain and tear clothes etc. School uniform is stupid. But if the government are going to provide it free of charge, then go ahead! Why are children worse than policemen, soldiers, and others in uniform?

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