Incredibly Accurate Kick Impresses Russian Netizens

From Ya Plakal:

Fierce roundhouse

Comments from Ya Plakal:


Don’t hold your phone and take video with your shaking hands after drinking


The bloke in the red shorts is lucky. Usually, “demonstrations” like this end up with a foot in the face


Fuck, I was waiting for someone to get their nose broken )


Yeah, I had a situation like this during training, a tubby guy, about 120 kilos come in, and we sparred a bit. Well, we were punching away, and suddenly he lifts his leg higher than my head and gives it to me like that. I thought I should stay there.


Fuck yeah, from the soul


In all honesty, I was expecting another conclusion… so I was waiting for someone to get it flying in the face)


Sharp chap… respect…


Nice one fella!


Judging by the accent, I think these guys are from Kursk or Belgorod


Yeah, so fucking what, Russians drinking

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