Netizens Unsympathetic to Metro Shooting Victim

From Ya Plakal:

Dagestani shot by two passengers on the metro

On the capital’s metro, two men armed with pistols shot a passenger. The injured man was taken to hospital in a serious condition.

The conflict, which ended in a shoot-out took place on the “grey” line of the capital’s underground on the 17th November, but news about it is only just breaking. A recording of the fight taken by a surveillance camera has been passed to Life News.

In shot, we see two men enter the wagon. They sit down, and to begin with travel calmly, but then a young man sitting opposite attracts the attention of one of them.

At one point, one of the criminals motions to his opponent and then says something. After this, events unfold with lightning speed.

One of the young people draws a traumatic pistol and shoots Khashim Latipov in the stomach from point-blank range in front of terrified passengers, and then kicks him and fires one more round – this time at his head.

After this, the two guys headed to the door, and continuing to threaten with their pistols waited until the train arrived at Nagornaya station.

In the pictures from the video recording, we can clearly see the faces of the criminals, but the police have yet to arrest them.

“The identities of those involved in the shooting have not yet been established, a hunt is ongoing”, a source close to the investigation told Life News. “The victim was immediately hospitalised, one of the bullets entered his upper jaw and has seriously deformed his face”.

Khashim Latipov has already undergone several operations and treatment is ongoing.

Comments from Ya Plakal:


I hope they don’t find them.


Look, they’re Bonnie and Clyde. Dumb and Dumber, shooting in the metro with their faces uncovered.


Once again, Russians with their traumatic pistols! Time to put an end to this disorder!


On the video, you can see that the dag said something to him first, then he paid for it.


What amazing news in the morning!


They did right!


Seems it’s a father and son…


On the video, looks like the dag started gobbing off first. He ended up paying for it.


Yeah, but on the video you can see clearly that they didn’t go up to him and start shooting, he came up to him with something. What, he should just grin and bear it?


A medal for both of them…


Say “what?” again!


Nice one! Teach the darkies a lesson!


Have they still not found them? They need to find them and reward them!!!

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