Ukraine Give Up on Joining the EU, Turn to Russia

From Echo Moskvy:

Ukrainian Government have stopped preparations for signing an agreement of association with the EU

This has been stated in an official order from the Ukrainian cabinet, signed by Prime Minister Nikoli Azarov. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian government have decided to reopen dialogue with the Customs Union countries.

The Duma Committee for the CIS welcome the decision by the Ukrainian cabinet. “Finally, a healthy-minded voice has called out from Kiev”, the head of the committee Leonid Slutskiy told Echo Moscow.

“The decision by Ukraine to cease the Euro integration process can hardly be called a Kremlin victory, but nevertheless, Russia certainly played a part in it”, the Kiev centre of Political Studies and Conflictology director Mikhail Pogrebinskiy said.

Meanwhile, regardless of the cessation of preparations to sign the agreement of association with the EU, Victor Yanukovich is going to Vilnius for the Eastern partnership summit. This was reported by the presidential advisor Andrei Goncharuk.

Comments from Echo Moskvy:


They calmly considered, weighed everything up… and common sense came out on top.


The Gopniks are lining up to join the EU alongside Algeria, Morocco, Lebanon, etc.? The EU will never take them if they’ve put them on the same level as the African countries.


Basically, Putin’s protege, the Ukrainians need to push him into taking the ball onto the other half of the pitch.


Europe have failed to expand their influence. Russia rules!

paveleo: (responding to above)

Hold your horses. The game’s not over yet. It’s only just begun.

rentallinn: (responding to above)

Where there’s Putin, there’s victory. Syria, Iran, and now Ukraine.


Ukraine don’t want to live like PEOPLE.

navalnyloh: (responding to above)

Ukraine don’t want to live like Papuans in the EU.

vraki: (responding to above)

They want to live like Tajiks in Rashka


Looks like change!


Russia and Ukraine are brother and sister. There have been and will continue to be differences, but common sense will prevail, I’m sure of it.

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