Darth Vader Not Allowed to Stand in Ukraine’s Presidentials

From Echo Moskvy:


The decision was passed in connection with discrepancies in the information shown in the documents he has presented. Darth Alexeevich Vader is a popular representative of the Internet Party in the Ukraine. Today was the deadline for handing in documents to the Central Election Commission of Ukraine. 23 people are registered as candidates. In the opinion of political scientists, the basic fight will get under way between self-promoter, billionaire Petro Poroshenko and former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko who was put forward by Batkivshchyna. The presidential election is scheduled for May 25.

Comments from Echo Moskvy:


Whichever of the candidates drinks the most horilka will be president. Such is the custom…

vladimir_1972: (responding to above)

In Russia they’re registering Spider as a candidate for elections everywhere.

dieukraine: (responding to above)

Ukraine will vote for Olga Bogomolets. Tymoshenko will take the honorable fourth place.


I’d vote for Poroshenko. He doesn’t have to steal..

veps: (responding to above)

Since when is it all of a sudden “doesn’t have to”?! He actually really does, mainly to recapture the money invested in the bloody circus on maidan, and with Novar. It’s just business, nothing personal.


Goddamn. My lightsaber cried.

ivan886: (responding to above)

It’s all the machinations of the Jewdi [sic]

olban82: (responding to above)

Khokhols aren’t even afraid of the Death Star:) [Note: Khokhol is a derogatory term for a Ukrainian, often used by Russians in a patronising way, rather than hateful.]

jekas4dushanbinskii: (responding to above)

You’re kidding! Imagine Putin in a cloak with a hood! The image of Palpatine.

shicotus_dead: (responding to above)

Well that’s it. now this election is definitely not legitimate.
During the absurdity that’s happening in the Ukraine, normal people could vote only for this candidature. Well not for Tymoshenko or Poroshenko who are as bad as they come


And the Ukraine’s found its own Churov.


Another pair from Russia wanted to get Darth Vader to the Kremlin to Paladin, but they were unable to.


Is Darth Vader a fascist? Or did he say, “It’s me Vova… ?” Or both?


Give us Darth as President of Galicia!!!


Darth Putinus is still in operation


It’s a shame, in my opinion he’s the realest candidate, though he’s not trying to be a smart guy. Although in turn the Jedi rejected him. They remember suffering with him…


Well, now there’s only one candidate with no alternative left: Rabinovich


In addition a Central Election Commission representative suggested Darth Vader not to be upset, but to re-present his candidacy for the Russian Presidential elections: “There are already green people there and a commander in chief like that would be perfect.”

wasia2014: (responding to above)

He’s evil, he doesn’t fit, and green people are polite. Don’t remake them, and then they’ll hang a Russian flag in Kiev too. Do you need that?


The Sith will have their revenge.


Nemtsov was hiding under Darth Vader’s mask.


It’s a shame. The world has yet to see such a circus.


For the other candidates, you might think all the given information is fine…


– Told you I did. Reckless is he. Now, matters are worse.
– That boy is our last hope.
– No. There is another.


They took out a normal funny guy-only clowns are left!


I was afraid that Yanukovych could be hiding under Darth Vader’s mask.


I thought they excluded him to reduce the total number of heart attacks throughout the country. That’s how my grandmother appears to be, turning on the boob tube to watch the debates.
But here’s an alien in nature. He was going to be president.
I’ll have to call an ambulance for my grandmother.
She’ll decide that Martians have seized Ukraine.

eumak: (responding to above)

If Martians had seized Ukraine…it would be better.

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