Kremlin As Yet Undecided on Whether to Congratulate Poroshenko

From Echo Moskvy

The Kremlin does not know if Vladimir Putin will congratulate Petro Poroshenko for winning the [Ukrainian] presidential elections

The president of Russia’s press secretary, Dmitry Peskov has told leaders of news agencies that he has no answer to that question.

Today, the Election Committee of Ukraine officially announced Petro Poroshenko as winner of the presidential elections.

Comments from Echo Moskvy


Massive shame. Two brother countries have had an argument and now he’s hiding under the bed.


Nobody was expecting any congratulations from that imposter.


Who is to be congratulated, the Ukrainian President? Hahaha


Repentance is Putler Poroshenko’s best congratulations


Congratulations from Putler? Nah, no way…


Putin’s tearing the petals off a daisy. Congratulate him, don’t congratulate him, congratulate him, don’t congratulate him…


Ukraine will somehow manage to go without their aggressor’s congratulations.


In honour of president Petro Poroshenko’s inauguration, we should send a present to the Ukrainian people: out of date products from Russian shops. At least the whole of Ukraine can eat until they’re full


Maybe we should send our sympathies? On the other hand, congratulations from Putin are considered a bad omen.


The Kremlin doesn’t know? Are they waiting for the team from the White House?)))


If I were Putin (God forbid), I’d have congratulated him. Like: “Well, congrats…”


Does he (Poroshenko) need [Putin’s congratulations]?


He’s such a disgusting rat!


So what, is it such a great honour?


Yeah, but who needs his congratulations anyway?

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  • 99 проблеми, але сука не один!

    “Congratulations on not debating your opponent. Did you get that sweet move from me? Get it? Because only your chocolate ships to Russia and every other food from Ukraine get’s to rot in the warehouse.”


    A lot of people know what’s up. Maybe he’s a poor debater but an excellent businessman. Maybe he didn’t want to drag Ukrainians through any unnecessary drama. Time will tell. Poroshenko’s managerial skills and his self made man status might just win the day. I looks like the world leaders are going to feel him out. It’s not surprising that the Kremlin hasn’t issued a statement before Putin gets a good look at him in his new role.

    More on the Wonka-ist from one of his bros…

  • Guest

    I don’t understand. From the comments above it seems Russians really dislike Putin.

    • Anna Presman

      Russians tend to distrust the authorities, regardless of who it is. But especially Putin is really easy to distrust :)

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