Putin Condemns Prince Charles after Hitler Comment

From Echo Moskvy

Vladimir Putin has rebuked Prince Charles for behaving in a manner not befitting a member of a royal family

Previously, the heir to the British throne compared the Russian president to Hitler in a private conversation. Putin replied to him in his absence at the international economic forum in St. Petersburg.

Putin advised the British authorities to act in the national interest. If this were to happen, according to his words, cooperation with Russia could reach a new level.

Comments from Echo Moskvy


In his soul, Putin’s proud that he has been compared with Hitler.


This is not a princely deed – it brings shame on the princes…


I wonder which Hitler the prince was comparing Putin to (pre 38 or afterwards)? )) Ha!


“Putin advised the British authorities to act in their national interests.” What, Russian?


Ah, I like him. He’s a very charismatic man.


Is this the same prince that was photographed in a Nazi uniform? And then without any uniform whatsoever? Is this the same prince who was caught being racist?

albus__: (responding to above)

No, that was this guy’s son!

iwanow: (responding to above)

Well, maybe it’s not this guy’s son, maybe he’s a bastard!)))


Hitler, for all of his minuses, built autobahns all over Germany, but Botox hasn’t even managed to build a decent road from St. Petersburg to Moscow.


He didn’t comply with the norms of politesse.


This piece of scum wants to appear cultured.


It’s a bit early to compare Putin with Hitler


Thank God that a prince can say what he thinks in a private conversation. Even more so when it’s the truth.

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