Petition to Return Alaska to Russia Gathers 7,500 Signatures

From Echo Moskvy:

Petition published on White House website on reuniting Alaska and Russia collects 7,500 signatures in just two days

In order for the American authorities to officially respond to the petition, it needs to collect another 92,500 signatures before the 20th April. In November 2012, a petition on the White House website about Texas’s secession from the Union collected over 125,000 signatures.

Comments from Echo Moskvy:


We still need Texas and North Dakota


We need to go and shit in all the lifts there. That’s how we do.


I suggest we change the name of planet Earth into planet Russia, no borders or visas!


Alaska is in the heart of every Russian… it’s our pain and hope…


Better sort out our problems at home before taking on any more.

linrentaa: (responding to above)

We’ll get back our Alaska that we sold to the USA for a pittance and sort out the problems there!




Why haven’t they published the web address of the petition, are they scared?


Huh? How about California?


I want Alaska in Russia. Finally, civilisation will make its way over there.



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  • Perhaps someone should start a petition to return Siberia to its indigenous Northeast Asian peoples.

    • Zappa Frank

      the same day American Indians will get back their land I guess

      • Webster

        At least they had some semblance of “treaties,” sham or not.

        • Zappa Frank

          It was just to say never… Indigenous are Russians as Indians are Americans… The history has no way back. And even in that case there is a lot to see about if Asians were indigenous in Siberia since there are evidences of Caucasian men as well

          • …and Alaskans are Americans. :)

          • Zappa Frank

            I have a better idea.. let’s all go back to Africa and leave the rest of lands to the homo erectus!!… what? he’s vanished? what a pity.. we should apologize to someone that our ancestors defeated the homo erectus..

          • Truthsayer

            People wouldn’t be telling the European-Americans to go back to Europe if not for the existence of the racist anti-immigration rednecks, who are proven to be mostly ex-cons and live in mobile homes. I can’t decide who’s worse.

            Those lame trailer trash or the Mexicans.

          • Zappa Frank

            Haha to tell to Americans to go back to Europe is laughable …anyway we don’t want them back :)

          • Truthsayer

            Hahaha many Americans of Mexican or African or Asian descent have been telling White Americans to go back to Europe. It’s actually used a lot. You must live in the Ozarks so I’m not surprised you don’t know about it.

            I said “European Americans”, referring to specifically a group of people and you said “Americans”. LOL. Classic. I am sorry but the concept of America = automatically white is their delusion, the two terms are not interchangeable but white Americans and even white foreigners like yourself seem to automatically ascribe one group to Americanism.

            You see, American/Americanism is a non-racial concept. But I wouldn’t expect a typical racist Irish/British ignorant potato farmer to get it. So don’t tire your little head.

            The sooner European-Americans are disabused of their delusion, the better it is for them to stop wasting their time as ex-felons on white supremacist internet chatrooms. They have only one homeland they can claim their own and it’s across the Atlantic.

          • Anna Presman

            But some Americans, whether they’re from Europe, Asia or Africa, have been living there for centuries. Doesn’t it make them just Americans by now? I mean, how much time needs to pass for that? After all, all modern nations are the result of migration at some point in history.

          • Zappa Frank

            it’s pathetic to ask to the founders of the state to back “home”.. whatever you say, US were founded by white people and the majority is still white.. US is their homeland and sincerely your arguments don’t have any valid point except to make you seem retarded..

          • Two wrongs don’t make a right. Neither is there any justice in holding an entire group of people responsible for the wrongs committed by a small percentage of it.

            If you’re declaring that European-Americans should go back to Europe, you’re inherently demonizing Asian-Americans as well and implying they should also GTFO of America. And of course, this also applies to Canadians, Latin Americans, and Australians of Asian descent as well.

          • Truthsayer

            Have you seen the width of Russia? The Siberian side is stuck to Northeast Asia. Russia cuts across two continents. You know that right?

            There will always be “sightings” of white dudes everywhere. They like to go round robbing the land of others and then hundreds of years later accuse other cultures who stuck to their own land of “over population” (they spawned and bred over stolen land which they later formed as “different countries”) and as they enjoy their faux “low density”, accuse others of attempting “white genocide”.

            These are the white supremacist/separatists slogans, and most of the gullible recruits lap it up because most of them are dumber than a box of rocks and their moms usually work as strippers. The smart people of the superior races see through it in a second but most are too polite to directly expose them. It’s all coming back to bite them. If you don’t want immigrants, you shouldn’t been one yourself. The picture was almost perfect except for that little detail. What a bummer!Should have stayed in Europe.

          • Zappa Frank

            In Siberia there were also white peoples not only Asians, tombs from Altai mountains show it clearly.. Even in xinjiang china..than? Besides they have been assimilated in Russia.. Didn’t the same happen with minorities in china, Han expanded and hannized them all..where is the difference?

            What did Indians founded anyway? A state? Few mud houses? Besides it is a strange vision of yours Indians against whites while it happen on opposite that Indians looked for Europeans help to destroy other Indians.
            The vision of land grabber is a highly simplified version for a manicheismic view of history.

          • Truthsayer

            You’re babbling nonsense and wasting both our time. Europeans and Asians share a continent after they left Africa and went north to high altitudes. I don’t know how it’s supposed to surprise anyone with a brain that the ethnicities that are of European and East Asian admixtures in varying degrees native to the geographic region in which Europe and Asia join together are found there. The ethnic Uyghurs in Xinjiang, a part of China, look Eurasian. Do you know which other country straddles the two continents? Turkey, which is south of Russia and China. That’s the Caucasus region and it was from there that Europeans moved from. Middle Easterners are also Caucasian, same as Indians (in India). Please educate yourself and read this

            The American Indians already had a civilization on the North American continent before the Europeans came. They had lived in the Americas for centuries, and had established a way of life and it served them well enough that they were still there, alive, healthy and well at the time. YOUR response is the typical European barbarian’s retort to all the barbarism they committed, to well, everybody else..stealing the land of natives in Australia (called the Aboriginals) and Americas, using the gunpowder invented by the Chinese to colonize South America, Africa, and Asia, ENSLAVING the Africans, the lists goes on and the retort for ALL the crimes are the same and which was the crap you just used here. “What kind of civilization did they have? Did they have law? Did they have state? Did they have dildos? Did they have trailer parks? Did they have moonshine? Did they have I-Love_Murica T shirt?”
            I have news for you. What people have is none of your business. The seat’s taken, little Johnny. They wanted to share the chair? Ask. What did they do? They murdered the previous occupants.

            It’s the same retort they use for ALL the crimes. “Did the Africans have dildos? Did the Africans have this? Or that?” for enslaving them. They decided they were less human and it was on that basis that they built the moral justification to enslave Africans. Now their descendants are using this line. They use it for everything. Man. You’re a moron. And you think you can outwit us. What the fuck is a “strange vision” of mine? You’re not even American. Why the fuck are you telling me what all Americans know? There were countless wars fought between the land grabbers and Native Americans and those were certainly not because the Native Americans needed “the military aid of Europeans” against another tribe or to teach Uncle Cherokee a lesson for stealing my wheelbarrow. The Europeans confined the Native Americans to reservations after slaughtering most of them. Did the Indians put themselves in reservations?! Indians killing Indians and needing the help of the Europeans and after that the Europeans invited them to go to the reservations while the Europeans took over and the Indians went happily? The fact that you could believe this comedy speaks of your own IQ. I’m not sure if I should be insulted that you thought I might believe this imbecile story line concocted by the anus of an excreting European-American in the Appalachia. Don’t even try to rewrite history. There are entire monuments in South Dakota dedicated to the truth. Most white Americans don’t deny the misdeeds of their ancestors. Only the lunatic fringe do. You’re a white foreigner so you know even less. Your racial prejudices have made you partial to the lunatic version of the story that actually only the worst and rock-bottom 0.1 percentile loser segment of the US trailer trash believe.

            Another line I’ve seen the white toothless trailer psychos rock online is “We were here before the Indians”. Extreme lunacy and delusions found in large concentration of but not limited to the Appalachia or Ozark regions.

            The invaders slaughtered whatever Indians they saw and the ones they did not intentionally kill, they spread diseases that killed many of the Natives. I’ve watched documentaries on TV produced by European-Americans about the “early immigrants” and the hardship they suffered, as told through the lens of THEMSELVES. Invariably, these dramatic series portrayed them as innocent, fearful but brave adventurers full of trepidation, just-wanting-to-make-a-new-life, battling all odds of hardship and under the watchful eyes of the evil natives holding spears looking at them balefully, it shows a quivering white woman holding two blonde kids bravely while shaking in fear..

            All civilizations rise and fall. And many civilizations have taken turns to rise and fall. I have told many a low IQ white supremacist online that the reason they think they’re superior is because their IQ is too low to process the big picture. Their intellect’s inherent limitations disallow them from processing complicated concepts that span beyond the here and now that they can see. They are under the illusion of white supremacy because this is the time they’re living in and they’re not smart enough to have big picture intelligence. It wasn’t too long that their ancestors were the downtrodden barbarians and the people who ruled over their ancestors too, had their spot under the sun and were ruled by another civilization before.

            The pink supremacist turds are just not smart. Can’t blame them. It’s one thing to not be smart enough to figure something out yourself. It’s another that when explained to you, you still don’t get it. And it was certainly the case with them.

            The good thing I am thankful to God for is that the payback is happening within my life time and I get to see it.

          • All that text, and yet not a single line that we haven’t all read or heard hundreds of times before. Does it not sadden you that, at the end of the day, you’re just another angry racist ranting on the Internet?

          • Zappa Frank

            Educate yourself reading at least what you post in links instead of childish rants.
            Indians got what happen to any civilization when meet another one, that’s the history folk, deal with it. And sorry, if you think the payback is done by China you can just make you look even more idiot

          • Truthsayer

            Oh and Indians ARE the only Americans. Saying something false you want repeatedly doesn’t make it true. Another line I hear is “Indians came first but Europeans founded it.” If Indians were here first, they found it first numb nuts.

          • Barack Obama

            on what basis?

          • Zappa Frank

            Founded what exactly? Nothing.

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    The U.S Government reply: “Sorry, no refunds.”

    • YourSupremeCommander

      If they are nice that is, if not, “F– U” is more likely.

  • Anna Presman

    Ah, the Americans are trolling their government, I love it. And the Russian comments made me laugh. But most Russians don’t actually want Alaska, so you can sleep peacefully, America!

    • vonskippy

      Probably not – there is no verification process to “sign” the petition, not even a IP filter to prevent non-americans from connecting. So most if not all are NON-AMERICANS trolling the site. Doesn’t matter, the whole “whitehouse petition” thing is a PR scam and has no impact what so ever on domestic or foreign policy.

  • Tova Rischi

    A Kaliforniya? Da, pozhalusta…. *rubs fingers together menacingly*

    Please, take us. Take our $420 billion dollars of debt, take on the cost of setting up gazprom pipelines across the ocean, yes… Try enforcing this hippy reserve to join your armed forces, try taking on our drug, crime, immigration, and most certainly give us Siberia’s snow, we need the water, we’re as parched as the gobi and we only make what money we do because Arizona is nice to us. Try fixing what you can of our educational policy? Wait, what’s that? Your’s is somehow shittier than ours? Well, that’s okay, you’d be picking up enough liberals to vote Putin out of office three times over anyways.

    What do we get in exchange? Ah, yes, the most boisterous national anthem in the world….

  • Markus Peg


  • guest

    Notice to Russia:

    One Mayor, free to ANY home, come and collect Rob Ford yourself, it’s a package deal, also included: the land of Etobicoke and its gang of Dixon Goonies

    – City of Toronto,

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