Civil Servant Caught On “Date” With 12-Year-Old

From Life News Online:

Civil servant caught on intimate date with a 12 year old

An employee of the Pyatigorsk local government fell into the hands of paedophile hunters when he tried to seduce a schoolgirl.

Members of the social movement caught the attempted paedophile “with live bait”. A 12-year-old girl went on a date with the man, taking the paedophile fighters with her to the meeting.

At the culmination of the date which was far from being romantic, the 32-year-old civil servant was surrounded by volunteers.

Young people, armed with video cameras, started to interrogate Evgeniy I., who it later became clear, works for the Pyatigorsk administration as chief of the department of municipal contracts.

The paedophile hunters demanded an explanation from the disheartened man, as to why he was trying to create an intimate relationship with the underage Diana. As cast-iron proof, people showed the man his discussion with the schoolgirl:

– Hi, you wanna meet, I can do it no strings attached and keep it nice and confidential.
– Hi, but I’m not 18 yet.
– Do you think that’s a problem? How old are you?
– I’m 12.
– Wah, well, it’s against the law, but if you want, we can try.

Furthermore, according to the “hunters”, the child-lover met up with his victim, and after the meeting wrote the following message: “Now you know me, prepare yourself for what you want to get out of it. Let’s meet up tomorrow. Whatever you want tomorrow, tell me, don’t be shy”. The letter continues, and the man shares his sexual desires and proclivities.

In the video, Evgeniy I., who was caught by surprise, is clearly scared. He denies any part in the conversation.

“I was just given this number in the street, and I decided to call”, says the young man, not denying the date itself. “But I didn’t know that she was underage”.

Life News has been able to find an activist who is close to the “Paedophile Hunters” social movement in Kavminvody.

“I’ve already been called to the police station, interrogated about the contents of the video”, says Stanislav B. “I represent these children’s interests, because they themselves are afraid to speak out themselves.”

Meanwhile, the infamous film star has already been fired from government service. His letter of resignation was signed.

“The investigative committee of the Stavropol Krai has begun an investigation into the affair”, their press office commented.

Comments from Life News Online:


Oh Zhenya, Zhenya, this is how it all turns out…

[Note: Zhenya is short for Evgeniy]


People watch porn, then go out of their minds!! Blin, adult men!! With decent positions! Well respected and prosperous!!! A complete degradation of the country!!! People! Don’t watch porn!! And be happy with your wives!!!


This is all from lack of things to do at work


There’s a 12-year-old who lives near us – she’s got massive tits! She often drives round in a BMW – and she doesn’t ask anyone for help, the opposite, everyone keeps away from her – the owner of the BMW doesn’t like to joke.


There’s one thing I can’t understand – where has this catastrophe of low morals in our local men come from? They behave like animals – how old she is, who she is, where she’s from, none of it’s important, what’s important is that she’s a girl. And mind you, this isn’t in the wood, this is in Europe, in the 21st century. It horrifies and disheartens me at the same time… I would be for imprisoning these guys and their families for their asocial and amoral upbringing. They reared an animal, and now those around must suffer.


Paedophilia is a mental disorder of a psycho-sexual nature. But where is it rooted? In childhood… particularly for men. And of course, it’s completely depraved. On the internet now, you can find whatever you want, any video with any content. Sadly. And the disease can’t be treated by long conversations with psychiatrists. There’s only castration…


It’s summer in the video, were they blackmailing the guy before?


Amongst the high mountains and wide plains, handsome Pyatigorsk has defeated yet another paedophile from the town hall.


So what? He went up to a girl, not a little boy, 12 is a childbearing age already.


Whoa… let me at him.

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