Medvedev Calls Detectives Goats In Off-Air Blunder

Dmitry Medvedev has put his foot in it recently, after being caught off-air after a TV broadcast using a rather offensive word to describe his Investigative Committee. The word in question translates literally as “goat“, but is often used to describe an idiot. While it’s not actually swearing, it is still considered to be rude, and the event has attracted quite a bit of attention.

From Rambler News:

Medvedev calls the organisers of a search at the flat of the documentary film Term’s director “goats

The Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev called the organisers of a search of Pavel Kostomarov’s (director of documentary film “Term”) flat “goats“.

“Everything will be fine, don’t worry… they’re goats for arriving at eight in the morning… well, to put it simply, it’s just habit. There are lots of people who work in my law enforcement agencies who think exactly the same – if they arrive at seven, then everything will be of the highest quality, so to speak”, Medvedev said after a television interview with NTV journalist Aleksei Pivovarov.

The phrase was said after the end of the broadcast, but it can be heard at the end of the clip from the Russia Today TV channel, posted on YouTube.

[Note: the video linked above is in Russian]

Comments from Rambler News:

dbrf dbrf:

I almost choked when I read the title

Федя Будкин:

They’ll remember him, they’ll come to him in the night.


And what’s wrong with a search at 8.00 in the morning?
Dima [Note: short for Dmitry] himself is a has-been old ram…
When I worked in law enforcement, for searches we arrived at 5-6 in the morning, to catch the bad guys at home.

Антон Чигур:

If he calls the investigators “goats“, what does he call the electorate?

boba kastorskii:

What, you think he’s wrong?

Сергей Владимирович:

The presenter and the cameraman haven’t been executed yet?))

Пантелеймон Сидоров:

In general, he was right to call them that, they don’t deserve any other name, but somehow, he seems to have forgotten to mention who it was that gave birth to them with idiotic reforms, starting with the renaming the militsia “the police”.

Ольга Анкушкова:

Here, Medvedev’s right (the Polizei are goats)

sharkgerl007 $$:

He called them goats, and the investigators were probably offended – they know what a “goat” is in prison.

[Note: a “goat“, in the context of a prison is an informant, or some other prisoner who works with the authorities in some way. They are one rung higher than roosters in the prison hierarchy, but are still treated generally very poorly by others in prison.]

Леонид Борисенков:

Judging by the intellect you can see on his face, Dmitry Anatolevich [Medvedev] himself is no too far away from those who come at 7.00 for their searches.

Людмила Сизова:

The lad’s telling the truth for the first time. Let’s support him!


There’s an absolute zoo in this government.

Буденный с корнем извлеченным:

I’m not quite up to speed, who’s this Medvedev?

Владимир Владимиров:

The cops need to think hard about who they’re serving

Борис Николаевич:

The words “cop” and “think” are mutually exclusive, if you get what I mean

Премудрая В:

“Twinkle twinkle little star, what you say is what you are” (c)

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