Russian Literature “the Best Source of a Child’s Sex Education”


Astakhov Considers Russian Literature the Best Source of a Child’s Sex Education

The Commissioner on Children’s Rights Pavel Astakhov called literary works the best method of sex education of children and teenagers, but he also spoke out in favor of the revival of ethics and psychology courses of family life, reports Interfax.

“Today, in general, the best sex education is Russian literature. And literature in general. Children need to read more – and everything’s there, both about love and about sexual relations. And the school should raise the children as chaste, in the spirit of understanding of family values,” said Astakhov.

At the same time, in his opinion, it wouldn’t hurt to bring the ethics and psychology courses of family life taught in the USSR into the school program. “There was nothing bad in them (the courses of the ethics and psychology of family life). Once a month a person came who would tell about reproductive health. I would in time talk about reviving these courses, using these teaching programs,” said Astakhov, adding that such courses would be put into use after 15-16.

He showed for example the US’ educational programs that tell teenagers about sex, but also promote a responsible attitude to it. “Now this education is abstinence, it’s a restraining factor, explaining all these occurrences, but not promoting an early sex life, – they warn children against making similar mistakes that are sometimes irreversible,” said the authorized.

The children’s ombudsman clarified that now children find out about sexual relations, because of this it’s necessary for parents and schoolteachers to thoroughly prepare for questions on this theme. “I’m not a prude, far from it. When children find out about this, they have the right to ask a question, and you should answer it. But until the appropriate moment our children should be looked after. Because of this every parent, instructor, and teacher should seriously approach these questions – there should always be a balance,” he underlined.

Also the children’s ombudsman feels that every parent should determine themselves when his or her child can be told about homosexuality. “Children, of course, need to be raised and prepared for this, but every parent, once again, if the law is followed, takes takes the decision him or herself how to raise his or her child. Because of this every parent should ask him or herself this question – am I ready to tell my child about his, about what exists with our neighbors, am I ready to explain, am I ready to support some way,” concluded Astakhov.

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It might be enough already, huh?…

Boris-7652: (responding to above)

Did your management send it to you?)))

echo.bjornd: (responding to above)

If there’s something to reject – reject it.

Boris-7652: (responding to above)

I’ll stick it up your butt with pleasure, but not because there’s something to answer, but because I don’t find you nice.) So, I’ll agree that birth and abortions here are scary. But more often than not, the obstetricians themselves are guilty, it’s vipers like you commenting here, prowlers and provocateurs, only these obstetricians push mothers to murder… the fifth column, what the fuck…(


Looking at his elegant mug, bad thoughts sort of arise right away.

Boris-7652: (responding to above)

Does Astrakhov’s elegant mug infuriate you or that he said the thing?! It’s a thought, and our youth is turning into Western rotten stuff.

glamurchik: (responding to above)

You’re talking like an old lady on a bench outside her home, do you have kids?

Boris-7652: (responding to above)

What’s the connection between the first thing you said and the second?

glamurchik: (responding to above)

I see

uk2802: (responding to above)

It may be a thing or it may not, but that he’s a hypocritical fucker is a fact!

Boris-7652: (responding to above)

That’s another question)

Grom-7057: (responding to above)

Boris my dear, do you know where Astrakhov’s little darlings are living…?

Boris-7652: (responding to above)

I don’t give a fuck.

Partiynaya babushka::

Maybe, for a start, stop showing any highly spiritual shows on the tube?

hairspray: (responding to above)

Highly spiritual needs to be in quotations.


Is he talking about Lolita, or what? Or The Banya by Tolstoy, for example? It’d generally be good, of course.


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Woohoo… especially Russian folk tales in Afanasiev’s collection, in the uncensored edition… we still have to find more hardcore pron (with guro and other charms) like that


Is that him debating this so unhurriedly over a bottle of champagne?


It’s a very good photo. And fitting.

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