Clouds Glow Over Meteor Town Chelyabinsk

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Sky Lit Up Over Chelyabinsk

For several hours last night, the sky over the Chelyabinsk Oblast lit up in bright white and red stripes, reminiscent of the northern lights. A video of the spectacle over Miass appeared online. The glow disappeared before dawn.

“After midnight, the sky over Miass stayed blue for a few hours. At 2am it was still glowing. No one knew what it was”, noted the video’s author.

The “lights” appeared after midnight in Chelyabinsk. The glow was not as bright as in Miass. It showed up in precise lines.

“My friends and I were returning home along Lenin Prospect when we saw the light in the sky. At first we decided that another meteorite was flying by, or perhaps a spotlight. But the colorful streaks of light stayed in place, I’m sure it was the northern lights. As far as I remember, they’ve never been in Chelyabinsk”, Aleksandr Kazantsev told the website “Perviy Oblastnoj” [First Regional].

The northern lights can last from two minutes to a few days. Therefore, there is a chance to see them again tonight in the Chelyabinsk Oblast.

“In this case, most likely, people saw the phenomenon of noctilucent clouds,” said Sergei Ganov, a specialist of the Institute of Geodesic Analysis, to a correspondent. “It is possible to observe them in the Northern Hemisphere only in the summer months, usually between the middle of June and the middle of July, and only between 45 and 70 degrees latitude, and in most cases between 55 and 65 degrees latitude, and well, the coordinates of Chelyabinsk are 55 deg 09 min N, 61 deg 24 min E, so everything matches up with this idea.”

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Looks like the Star of Bethlehem. Maybe a new Messiah showed up in Russia?

R0Mi0: (responding to above)

Maybe he got the address wrong? :) The Messiah, blin


With luck, soon:
– Aliens will land
– The zombie apocalypse will begin
– Cthulhu will appear
– MPs will stop stealing

= LYKS =: (responding to above)

Well you’re quite the dreamer. about the MPs


It’s obvious what it is – noctilucent clouds. A well-known phenomenon. I’ve personally seen them five times or so.


You can clearly see someone’s face in the sky.

Гоги: (responding to above)

Aha. From Ivan the Terrible to Petrosyan. Take your pick.))

hippy55: (responding to above)

Yeah, nothing can affect those hardcore Chelyabinsk guys))


“Bright MOTIONLESS stripes…” Why’s there a video if the stripes are MOTIONLESS????? A simple photo would do…


I don’t see red stripes. The phenomenon is called “noctilucent clouds”

Гоги: (responding to above)

Clouds, clouds it is then. But don’t forget about Chelyabinsk!

Protomarks: (responding to above)

Hardcore noctilucent clouds

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