Trainsurfers Play on a Train: Netizens Call Them Idiots

From Ya Plakal:

Train-surfers play at “push-trolley” on the roof of a train.

Absolutely fearless!

Comments from Ya Plakal:


The poor parents of these imbeciles.
It’s terrible to imagine what awaits them.
As soon as one of these idiotic jokes ends badly …

In my childhood, I had a go at trainsurfing, but even at 13, I realised how easily everything could end up all fucked.
Well, the hunt for adrenaline and laughs overpowers the instinct for self-preservation.
And fucking about on the antlers of a suburban train )) Fuck knows. I think they’re just idiots.
And the bitch with them is an idiot too.

the action starts at 0:20.

[Note: the video linked is a very gruesome video of a man being electrocuted. Follow at your own discretion.]


Have them up on a felony charge, I think. There’s a video, not bad quality, finding these dumbfucks isn’t a problem. These fuckers need to be fined and imprisoned for 2-3 years.


I would have laughed if the current had fucked them up …


Natural selection doing its thing.


I was sitting waiting for them to be fucked up. In vain, but fuck, they’re stupid anyway.


These idiots were lucky that they were standing on the insulating platforms, pantographs (the thing that transfers the current) are connected in parallel, so there’s a charge even in a lowered pantograph! The parents have brought up dumbfucks.


What, they’re not teaching physics to dumbfucks at school any more?


Dumbfucks. They need to be sent as volunteers to clear minefields. They could at least be of some use there.


I don’t understand why they didn’t get fucked up? The pantograph (which is what they’ve got their paws all over) draws 3,000 volts from the overhead cables. When it fucks you up, then there’s nothing left of you except ashes to pour out of your shoes. Maybe the guard saw them when they were climbing on to the roof? – Yeah, they must have asked the signalman to cut off the electricity.


The only good trainsurfer is a nicely-burned trainsurfer.


You what? We should be glad that there will be four less idiots in the world sooner or later.


When they were still alive at the end of the clip, I was fuming. I wanted blood.


I wonder how they’ll identify their roasted corpses afterwards?


About 20 years ago, two guys from our school decided to take a ride on the roof of a freight train. One of them got fucked up, only his burned up trainers and a bunch of molten keys were left. The second one developed a stammer after seeing it.


Why are they still alive? Where’s the justice in that?

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