FC Zenit Footballer Attacked by Hooligan Fan

From Life News:

Fan by Nickname of Gulliver Attacks Dynamo Soccer Player Granat

45-year-old Alexei Nesterov is hiding from the police. Vladimir Granat, whom he attacked, has been diagnosed with a concussion.

The police managed to identify the fan that attacked Vladimir Granat with the help of video recordings and photographs made at the stadium at the time of the match. He turned out to be 45-year-old Alexei Nesterov, better known in Zenit fan circles as Gulliver.

“The police suggest that the given person was preparing for the action beforehand,” a source in Petersburg’s law-enforcement told LifeNews. “In order to restore a picture of that day and find the Dynamo player’s attacker, employees had to examine scores of video recordings.”

In one of them they managed to find a person similar to the attacker who changed before the match behind the stadium’s limits.

“Additionally, he specially pulled a baseball cap low onto his face,” explains the source. “So, regardless of the huge amount of photographs, it was practically impossible to identify him.”

In order to find Gulliver, operatives had to survey scores of fans, coax the heads of Nevsky Front into investigation, and examine all the information of the fans, which are kept in FC Zenit.

It became clear that Gulliver was already cited for criminal liability and was previously convicted. He was born in Murmansk Oblast, but moved to Leningrad Oblast long ago. He’s registered in the Tikhvinsky District, but, in the words of his neighbors, hasn’t been there for a while and doesn’t actually live there.

“After the FC Zenit and Dynamo match at Petrovsky Stadium four people were detained,” they said in the press service of the Main Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast. “Reports have been drawn up and the administrative process has been brought under the article for violation of the rules of the viewers’ behavior at the stadium at the time of a match. All four will be cited for administrative liability. Additionally, a criminal case has been opened by the employees of the Main Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast under Part 2 Article 116 for the battery of one of the soccer players.”

On May 11 in Petersburg FC Zenit fans ran out onto the field during a match, one of the fans hit the guests’ defender Vladimir Granat twice in the face. The meeting’s organizers made the decision to not finish the match. According the Disciplinary Regulations, the Russian Football Union threatens Zenit with suspension and/or the club will have to spend 1 to 5 duels on a neutral field or with empty stands and pay a fine in the amount of 500 thousand rubles.

Vladimir Granat himself has been diagnosed with a concussion.

Comments from Life News:

Maks Nosov:

Bums can’t lose with dignity!!!!

ezenin: (responding to above)

One of the fans hit the away team’s defender Vladimir Granat twice in the face.
1. Not twice, once
2. Not in the face, in the shoulder

Andrey Gladkov: (responding to above)

That’s what was shown on TV, what actually happened no one knows.

Artur Fateev: (responding to above)

3. Not Gulliver, an old guy with big belly.

Andrey Gladkov: (responding to above)

Poor guy, now he’ll also be sent to Lilliput

Dmitry Mashkov: (responding to above)

Does anyone here know how to lose with dignity? Or do the other teams’ fans crap roses?




Cultured fans of the cultural capital )) Shame and disgrace to you, lumps

Name Surname:

Zenit to the Dvor League! Forget that the fans are “true supporters of their team.” It’s brainless gopota with the instincts of pack of jackals. They’re the exact basis of all Nazi groups, including the Right Sector, which showed the sad experience of Kiev and Odessa. They kill any desire of real judges of the game to go the stadium. Therefore the stands are, basically, half-empty or empty.

Dfcbkbq Vdfyjd:

Catch and put the moron away, he’ll be cheering from behind the barbed wire….

Alexander Mikhailovich:

Bums also don’t know how to win with dignity at any Bavarias, MU, and Borussia. Whoever’s making provocations for us and to defecate comes from Murmansk and other oblasts, so the club’s not to blame here; it’s the society and people.

Zhenya Pantiliani:

))))A concussion by a blow to the shoulder……soccer players are ringers as a matter of fact. I’m not justifying the fans in any case.

Andrei Pavlyukov: (responding to above)

The problem isn’t that here. It’s locking someone away for about 5 years. Then another idiot will think about acting like that or not).

Eduard Ryzhankov:

Fans are dangerous. A very aggressive public, often stimulated by alcohol or drugs, easily zombified by its chants into a dumb and soulless herd. In the experienced hands of “well-wishers” they become ideal terrorists, which we saw in the Ukraine. It’s been long since time to create a safety service for clubs. This movement needs to, at minimum, be contained, and then broken up and removed like a tumor.

Igor Melnikov:

The guy at 45 looks 60.

Olga Silaeva:

Is that the Mayor of Slavyansk Ponomaryov? :))))

Alexander Alexander:

I don’t believe in Volodya’s concussion. Granat you’re a man, not a crybaby. Be the taller one. And why are there these cheap announcements, such a victory was beautiful….

john wotson:

Guliver is a disgrace to the Petersburg soccer club. Punish him to the full extent of the law. And send him to jail. He might lose weight and roll up there…


A planned action of the petersburg fascists who camouflage themselves as fans and are financed from the same sources as Maidan and the bolotniks and other revolutionaries. We all know wonderfully what these “fans” created in Odessa on May 2. If these criminals aren’t stopped, then they’ll eventually burn hundreds of Russia’s people. And what’s interesting, someone in Zenit’s management and in the Russian Football Union is covering them. This is not the first prank like this! A couple of years ago they threw an explosive device at the goalkeeper. And then

Ian Stewart:

I’d be curious to find out the motives of Mr. Gulliver’s actions.

Alexander Sobolnikov:

Fans, Skinheads, the Right Sector, a psychotic abnormality.
What a psychodispenser Ukraine is! Poplar –M , a good psychotherapist, for Yarosh and the rest of the pack.

Alexander Trukhin:

Vladimir Granat after the game with a TMI and a jaw fracture..

Vladimir Zhuk:

What was it weak to match a crumbly grandpa blow for blow? This drunk could be crippled by spittle! It’s not Tyson!

Dmitry Dmitry:

No one’s put anyone away, if they catch them, then they’ll take their signature, a very easy article, he’ll make a deal with granat and make peace in the courtroom for about 200 thou [£3450, 4200€], everything will end on this.
Or they might not catch him at all, the statute of limitations under Art 116 is just 2 years, in 2 years he’ll come to a match again and again hit someone completely openly….

Paul Siebert:

Gulliver would be better going to the Donbass, they need guys like that now

Denis Sheiko:

45 years and no mind here

Yarik Sokolov:

Running and brandishing your fists at a soccer club gas project at 45… he needs help


Granat turned out to be so sick that he was airlifted home. I feel that all these “soccer players” have gone crazy from stupid money.

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