Russia Demands Answers From Ukraine and Berlin about Weapons

From Echo Moskvy

Moscow wants an explanation from Berlin and Kiev in relation to information that Ukrainian weapons were delivered to Germany, and they may end up in the hands of Syrian troops

This was in a statement from the Russian Foreign Ministry that was spread today. The press earlier reported that “Ukroboronprom” [Note: Ukrainian defence company] delivered automatic weapons to Germany, which may be resent to Syria for illegal weapons training.

Comments from Echo Moskvy


The pot’s calling the kettle black if we’re talking about weapons!

markony: (responding to above)

So stop doing it, pot.


Who can shout “Stop thief!” louder? It’s true, the bald thief and his Foreign Ministry mafia )))

iwanow: (responding to above)

You mean the tanned murderer from those most democratic United Stated of America? If so, I agree! (((


Maybe. Or maybe not. What’s all this fuss about?


For some, they’re SYRIAN FIGHTERS, for others, they’re PRO-FEDERALISTS


Let Russia herself stop arming terrorists and keep an eye on its own army. And then see what its neighbours are doing. The plank in your own eye isn’t visible.


From the damn Ukroqueers!


Enough demanding explanations. It’s time to send weapons to Texas.


Russia itself has long been sending weapons to Syria.


Clearly the Foreign Ministry is on acid…


The pot’s really calling the kettle black! Absolutely shameless! As if they haven’t been flooding all of Arabstan with all manner of weapons for years.


What a “democratic” abomination!


The Foreign Ministry think it’s fun to throw poop at their enemies.

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