Ukraine Demands Its Share of the USSR’s Money

From Ya Plakal:

Ukraine is demanding the return of USSR holdings from Russia

Ukraine is preparing claims against the Russian Federation for approximately $80 billion in holdings from the USSR’s former state savings bank, declared the country’s minister of justice, Pavel Petrenko. His words are reported by Ukrainian National News.

“I am referring to monetary assets, which the Russian Federation received by right of succession from the Soviet Union, to the holdings of the former state savings bank, which since January 1st, 1992, the Russian Federation has in fact not returned to the balance of Ukraine’s state savings bank. This approximately $80 billion is without any kind of readjustments” Petrenko specified.

In addition, Ukraine will lay claim to real assets, air and sea vessels and other items.

Earlier, Ukraine’s Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk instructed the minister of foreign affairs Andrei Deschitsa to prepare defensive positions of Ukraine’s national interests in by the process of dividing of property of the USSR.

Comments from Ya Plakal:


Actually, after the fall of the USSR Russia took on all of the union’s debts. To that end now we are simply obligated to Brotherly Ukraine’s request to return $80 billion to them, and to ask them to return the $160 billion of debt which we paid off for them ^__^


Shit! Where does Yatsenyuk [note: his name is purposely misspelled to sound something like “Smelling Balls”] get this kind of grass? Or is it agony?


Ukraine can only demand to be included as part of Russia (and they can’t even ask US that), the rest is absolutely pointless


Judging by this agony, the EU still hasn’t given any money…while the Yankees have taken the rest of the gold…


Let’s also give them the USSR’s foreign debt, which Russia foot the bill for


They squandered their resources(took them out of the country, filched them, etc;) and now now put forward 100 wishes a day and hope that it may work?


The latest news from Ukraine is somewhat more like hysterics


No one will give them shit, not Europe not America not Russia. The hungry and enraged people will string them up on lamp posts.


It seems to me that Yatsenyuk [note: his name is again intentionally misspelled as above] has stopped sleeping. He spends his nights picking in his ass and thinks, what else is there to dig out?


Ukraine’s government now has 2 problems:
1. There’s no money.
2. There’s no money at all

Otshelnik198: (responding to above)

3. There also aren’t any brains


I wonder, if the Russian Foreign Ministry or the Kremlin tell him to fuck off, outright, breaking all the laws of diplomacy and simple courtesy!? What will he do!??


First they pay off their part of the USSR’s debt, then we sit down to talk.


Ukraine’s now like petty wife, who cheated on her husband and fucked off to her lover. And afterwards wants to pinch a fucking iron or a pan.

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